Monday, November 7, 2011

Stenciled Burlap Banner

This summer I made this burlap banner to be an understated decoration for a bridal shower I was hosting at my home.  It is quite large with the top of each "flag" being 11" wide.  I think the flags are about 17" long, because I made the pattern from two pieces of paper taped together.  It has been hanging up for months, but because it was plain, it was not overwhelming.

For my favorite holiday of Thanksgiving, I wanted a little more pop.

I used my little old Cricut machine (longing for the new Silhouette Cameo the whole time) to cut letters out of cardstock.  These letters are 51/2" inches tall because that was the best I could do.  Otherwise I would have gone a little bigger.  I saved the cut letters, but what I really wanted was the part of the paper that was left over.  I cut between the letters and used regular old masking tape to hold the template onto the burlap.  For the middle sections of the B and D I used a glue stick to hold the paper to the burlap. 

I haven't stenciled for an age, but it is not rocket science.  I didn't have a stencil brush, but any large brush with fairly resilient bristles will do.  I mixed some orange paint with brown to get this burnt orange color.  I used acrylic paint.  Goes on easily, is cheap, and dries well.

I highly recommend holding down the paper as you move around the stencil.  Use an up and down dabbing motion to apply the paint.  I wanted full coverage, but don't use too much paint.  The paintbrush should be fairly dry.

Be aware that the paint will go through the burlap, so make sure that you are working on a safe surface.  I have quartz countertops that are virtually indestructable, so I don't bother to put paper down.  Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape and the paper.  I added these sparkly leaves because I have a glitter addiction! 

I left the two end flags blank, but when I take this down on Wednesday to take it for a display at a ladies meeting, I may stencil leaves or something onto those other two flags.  Time will tell!

For such a simple project, it sure makes a big statement in my home.  We are so blessed that I wanted to remind myself and my family of that fact everyday.  You can use any phrase such as Give Thanks, Gratitude, or Be Grateful to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving.  Or this is a great idea for any event that needs some celebration. 

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