Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wash Your Hands Printable

I think I am turning into a germophobe!  Every couple of years I get a sinus infection that lasts for months.  The best way to beat this disease is to not get sick in the first place.  I also have a son who needs to avoid antibiotics, so I am pretty careful about making sure that switchplates and doorknobs are wiped down.  All fall I have been putting signs on our doors and on the kitchen counter reminding us to wash our hands. 

I bought this chalkboard at a great little store called RodWorks.  The best part about it is that not only can I use it as a chalkboard, but I can slide 8.5 x 11.5 sheets of paper down into it! This is a wonderful little device that I have enjoyed.

I use Chalk Markers on my board.  They write beautifully and wash off easily with a rag and some water.  I had no luck finding them in any retail stores, so I bought my set from Amazon.
Anyway, we all know that once we get used to seeing something, we ignore it.  Consequently, I have made new signs every couple of weeks.  I wanted something bright and colorful for the beginning of 2012, so I made this Subway Art Printable that reminds us to wash our hands.

You can download your free copy HERE.  I printed some full size for my doors and some half size for the bathroom mirrors.  With three teenage boys, reminders are always a good thing.

And here's a reminder to you:

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  1. I forgoto that you have a craft blog too. I got excited all over again and have saved it to my favorite places. I need to keep the background tutorial in mind. I want to try it but I fear my skills.