Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DoorMat Redo

We have a "man door" into our garage.  Since we have lived in the house it has been used and abused.  I had used Advantage hooks to hang a wreath at various times, but since the four gentlemen I live with are not always gentle when entering and exiting the house, it had been broken.  Generally there is some random item stacked by this door.  For about a year a dehumidifier sat in this corner.  Dehumidifiers are not hot items here in Utah, so there it sat.  I'm not sure where it is now.  But, I digress.

Last month I finally got fed up with my nasty looking door way.  I painted the door.  I DO NOT recommend spray painting a garage door for a couple of reasons:
  • It is hard to paint evenly with spray paint.  As Papa C says, "There's nothing worse than a bad paint job."
  • To paint a door you generally have to have the door open.  Spray paint cans emit a fine spray of paint- about 10% does not land on the project, but on those items nearby.  In this case, the overspray landed on my beloved black Toyota Prius.  It did not come off in the carwash, but it DID come off with a nice buffing from an orbital buffer.  (Papa C was really not impressed with me that day, but he never gets mad!)
Anyway, I jumped back to my senses and painted the door using exterior gloss latex paint and a small door roller.  It looks much nicer.  Especially the back side that had never been painted.

Next I added this old chair, which I spray painted it in this awesome green. (On the front lawn- far away from vehicles or anything else paintable.)  I am loving green right now. There is no seat in the chair, so I can put a plant pot into it, but I also cut a piece of plywood and painted it so that I could place items on the chair.

Then there was the door mat.  I know, I know.  It's a doormat.  But, when I am driving into my garage space, I see this door, so mostly I wanted it to look better for me. This is a mat that I bought at WalMart a few years ago.  I went looking for a new one, but I couldn't find anything I really loved and I was feeling cheap.  I used acrylic paint to brighten up the worn mat.  To be honest, I didn't think it would work very well (so I wasn't too concerned about color choice), but it was easy and this is how it looks after a month of regular wear.  (Complete with dryer lint for your viewing pleasure.)

So, I may re-do it with some bright Christmas colors in a month.  If it isn't covered with snow!

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  1. Just found your new blog and love your ideas! Keep them coming:)