Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Party Hats

I love party hats.  They are so cute and festive.  They can help make any event a celebration!  When you search online, there are lots of patterns that produce tiny hats for small children.  I wanted hats that would fit my teenage children and my adult friends and that could be made out of 12x12 scrapbook paper.  Since I don't have a 12x12 printer, I wanted to make a pattern that could be printed with a regular printer and easily reproduced.  And since I never want to make this pattern again, here it is.

Large/ Adult Sized Party Hat Pattern (print 2)

These are so easy to make!
1.  Print two copies of the pattern and cut them out.  You only need the gluing tab on one piece, so you can just trim it off on the second piece and have a straight line.

2.  Tape the two pieces together to make the pattern.

3.  Use the pattern to cut a hat out of your choice of 12 x 12 paper. 

4.  Curve the hat so that the two straight edges meet.  Use hot glue or some other quick-drying, substantial glue to hold the hat's seam together.

5.  You may want to add some elastic straps or ribbons to help hold the hats on the head.  You can staple, glue, or tie fasteners on.  If you punch holes to tie the ribbon or elastic onto the hat, use some reinforcing circles or extra paper on the inside of the hat.

6.  Now decorate the hats for your event.  Printed stickers, crepe paper, garland, feathers, and paper embellishments can really dress up party hats. These pictures show a sticker that I made with Photoshop and printed several on a full sheet of labels.

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