Monday, August 27, 2012

Easily Separate Eggs

Believe it or not, this helpful hint is from Papa C. He saw it on TV, but I had never heard of this trick, so I thought I would share.  All you need to separate eggs is a water or 20 oz soda bottle. 

1. Crack the egg into a bowl.

2. Hold the bottle upside down and squeeze the air out of it.


3.  Place the bottle opening over the yolk and release the pressure on the bottle.  The egg yolk will be sucked up into the bottle.

 4.  Taa daa!  Let the extra whites run back into the bowl.
Check out our beautiful eggs!  We have some backyard chickens and 14 YO Little Papi takes care of them and gathers the eggs.  They are organic and partially free range.  He rinses and dates them to ensure freshness.  Yum!



  1. I have never, ever, ever seen this. Oh...I've got to try it myself!

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