Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simple Pillow Cover

This is my little pillow project that I did this afternoon.  It was prompted by two events.  The first was that I learned a cool new technique to print on fabric and the second was that I finally painte this chair my favorite, cheery green color.  I just love spray paint.  This is Rustoleum, which is one of the easier paints to use because it has a larger spray button.

I had a 14"x14" pillow form, so I decided to cut one piece of my fabric in a 15.5" square and then I cut two pieces that were 15.5"x11".  Those pieces will make the back.  I just used scissors since rotary cutters have been outlawed in my house since my DH got stitches because of one.  (He doesn't know that I actually do have three. . . I just don't use them often!)

Here's my favorite part.  I cut a piece of fabric to 11.5"x8.5"- the same size as a normal piece of paper.  I cut a piece of freezer paper the same size.  I ironed the fabric onto the shiny side of the freezer paper and it went through my HP Inkjet Printer!!!!  How awesome is that???  I ironed the result to stabilize the ink after I peeled the freezer paper off.  A little trimming, and this is the result.

I laid out the printed fabric onto the decorator fabric and pinned it down.  I didn't do that the first time and ended up picking out all my stitches, so take my advice and pin it down.

I used a zig zag stitch on the widest setting to sew the two piece together.

Then I turned over one edge (15.5" side)  of each of the two back pieces.

I quickly stitched the edges of the back pieces.

Now we have to put it all together.  The front of the pillow goes face up.  Then I put a ribbon on so that I could tie the pillow to the chair.  The back pieces go on face down- with the hemmed edges in the middle.  Then sew around all the edges.

This shows all the layers sewed together.  I clipped the corners so that they would turn better.

Turn the whole thing right side out and stuff the pillow in.  Voila!  A cute little custom pillow that is esy to change for seasons.

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